Change your perspective to consciously create your world!


My Name:
JA Dioguardi  (aka Jo Ann Dioguardi)

My Active Archetypal Expressions:
Poet, Writer, Healer, Teacher, Mystic

My Current Occupation:
Cosmic Consultant for Change

Though primarily a wordsmith and consultant, I believe that images speak volumes.  And since I enjoy sharing photos, I have carefully paired (mostly) my own snapshots with the poems and compositions that dominate this site.  Prominent among them are the many faces of Mother Nature since I learned to have an abiding respect for her during a life cycle when I owned a spacious property peppered with trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, and herbs.  You will also see several photos of my furry children (both past and present) because I enjoy including them in whatever it is that I do.  I sincerely hope that what you find here inspires you, heals you, and speaks to your soul.


~ All photos on this site are from my personal files unless otherwise noted ~